Marketing Coaching


Every business is different and so each coaching programme is structured around your personal and professional needs.

Each session is designed to give you inspiration, renewed focus, know-how and advice on how to progress your marketing and grow your business – but also to give you a confidant and sounding board when you need to bounce an idea, chat about a challenge or seek advice on a decision.

A Typical Coaching Programme

  • We’ll start by discussing your business, current goals, needs and challenges over the phone, via video or face-to-face at my office for initial meetings.
  • I will give you immediate ideas and pointers to consider during our conversation.
  • Following our meeting/chat, I will prepare further in-depth recommendations and an action plan or calendar of activity with step-by-step advice and details of resources and tools.
  • We diarise a video meeting or call to go through the plan. I’ll explain what needs to be done and how to do it, in plain English, and answer any questions you may have.
  • I’ll email a summary of our conversation (or recording of our call/video) so you can remind yourself of any tips, tools or techniques we discussed.
  • I provide email support over the following week to help you with any problems and to keep you on track with progress.
  • In our next call, we review your progress and set new actions where applicable.


For example;

  • If you’re starting out and need help with your website and online business promotion, we’ll first discuss your timescales, budget and current level of understanding and then build a manageable coaching plan around that.
  • If you are a business owner or director of an established, larger business, I will assess your current position, business challenges and marketplace before putting together a marketing strategy, content-marketing plan or project action plan to help you achieve specific goals.
  • We’ll then schedule regular sessions via phone, video or face-to-face meetings to keep you on track and motivated.


Every coaching session is flexible to meet your changing needs over time.  To find out more, please contact me for a confidential chat about your business.