“Kia has delivered against demanding objectives in an environment where driving change is challenging.  NHBC is benefiting considerably from Kia’s expertise and clear, precise thinking.”

Rhyen Jordan

“Kia has been and proved to be a valuable asset for our company.  From helping us with the content for our website and other documents we use regularly, her skills to deliver our messages in a clean, friendly manner have been one of the company’s best investments.  We would strongly recommend her services and have…

Provide People

“Kia has provided marketing insight and copywriting support for our agency for 10 years and has become an invaluable partner to our business.  Her expertise in communications has helped us develop our tone of voice, promote our business in the media and on the web, and position our company competitively to attract the very best staff.…


“I have just met up with Kia after a while and I had forgotten what an inspirational person she is.  She does something few people do…she listens and provides a solution and leaves me with a lot to think about.  I have used her services and the response was tremendous.  As I result I picked…

Bedfordshire Golf Pro

“In working with Kia, I found she was always highly professional and performed to a high level.  Kia was always understanding of our needs and concerns and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to move their business forward.  I mean every word – cheers Kia!”

MSGD Provide Design

“Kia has supplied us with amazing marketing services for the last 10 years. Her detailed research skills and knowledge of what is required for digital marketing is unsurpassed. Use her consultancy service and realise very quickly how powerful the correct online can be. Always understanding of the most complex briefs, Kia delivers consistent high quality every time…

Mallard Productions

“Brilliant brilliant brilliant. This encapsulates everything we talked about and presents it, to what is probably a rather confused community at the moment, in terms they can both understand and appreciate.  Top job! I’m REALLY impressed with the campaign.  Fantastic!”