Copywriting Training


In today’s digital world and fast-growing wellness industry, your words need to attract, differentiate, engage, influence and convert. If you’re competent at spelling and grammar, that’s a great start but you’ll need to go further if you want to convince people to trust your content, share it with others and spend money with you.

If you’re struggling to articulate what you do or you’d like to master the skills of copywriting, content marketing, blog writing or SEO web content, I can teach you the techniques that will help you find the right words to grow your business.

I’ll teach you how to:

      • Succinctly and confidently describe your business
      • Find the words to set your business apart from our competitors
      • Develop your tone of voice and style of writing
      • Understand the basics of marketing communications and content marketing
      • Write persuasive web copy
      • SEO and how to optimise your online content so that it can be found on Google
      • Master the tricks and techniques for writing engaging blogs, eBooks and newsletters
      • How to write compelling headlines
      • Create interesting social profiles
      • Write for different audiences, channels and media
      • Use signposts and call-to-actions to build trust and increase conversion to sale


If you’re a copywriter (or would like to become one), I also provide coaching on:


      • How to become a successful copywriter
      • Content Marketing
      • SEO Copywriting
      • Marketing Essentials

I’ve been a successful copywriter for nearly two decades and have trained many business owners, marketers and budding copywriters in and outside of the wellness industry.  Read their reviews.