Director Support & Coaching


As a small business or start-up in furniture design, building or wellness industry, it can be costly to employ your own marketing team or agency. If you work on your own it can also mean that, along with everything else, the responsibility of promoting your business falls into your lap. But where do you start?

If you need to stand out amongst the competition, generate awareness of your business, attract more customers, launch a new idea or take the next step in growing your business, but you aren’t sure what to focus on as a marketing priority on a limited budget, I can help.

I have been supporting business owners with strategic advice, insight and direction on every aspect of running a business – not just marketing.  One of the most valuable assets any entrepreneur can have is an external sounding board; someone to run thoughts and ideas past when deliberating on decisions.

How it Works

My coaching packages are flexible to suit your preferences and budget but typically I work on a 1-2-1 basis with Directors or business owners once a week or once a month, offering guidance over the phone, via Skype, by email and in monthly or quarterly face-to-face sessions.

Each month (or week if required), I will provide expert advice on where you should be focusing your efforts in marketing and how best to do it.  We’ll set realistic milestones, discuss the actions I have set and the goals you want to achieve, review progress, suggest improvements, monitor activities in and out of your business, and move your business forward. Please contact me for an initial, confidential chat about your business or idea.

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